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Our mission is to provide Spiritual, Mental, and Physical nourishment to the human vessel. We are all searching for answers and striving to be better individuals. In order to do this, we must get back to the basics and monitor the information (food) we consume. Let Vibrational Cooking Company shine light into the darkness.

Vibrational Cooking is a process in which one meditates over food, food ingredients, cooking equipment, small wares, etc. placing intent on the food in the preparation and cooking processes. Even in the planning process, one should meditate heavily over the construction of a dish. Thoughts are vibrations; vibrations which form into actions. The purer the thought, the more affirmative the action. A still mind creates pure inspirational thoughts and meditating with these once thoughts, now ideas, creates a vibrational snowball of new thoughts and ideas. That which is manifested depends solely on the individuals belief in their own ability to create that in which one has envisioned. Mental “mise en place” is key. “Mise en place” is a French culinary term for “everything in place” or “everything in its place.” If you apply this to the mind and daily routine, you will find that life becomes simple. Allowing yourself to apply brain power and intent to your creative processes. You must clear your mind of baggage thought i.e. the past (sadness, pain, or hurt) and wasted thought (things out of ones control, worries, future fears). The only time that is truly important is the forever changing moment of NOW. By emptying the mind of the past and future, you focus all your divine energy or intent into the Now Moment.